Energetic Self-Care: Courage

Energetic Self-Care: Courage


An Energetic Guidebook + Action Plan:

Courage is about connecting the mind, spirit and heart to move forward, take action that resonates deep within you.⁣

Courage to move forward. Courage to follow your heart. Courage to do what you love. Courage to step out of the box. ⁣

This is a powerful energetic theme that you can tap into and discover how to work with it to move yourself forward and go after what you truly desire.

There are things that can stop us:

  • Fear

  • Other people

  • Your mind

We can tell ourselves so many things that keep us stuck. Like, You aren’t good. You don’t think we are good enough. You don’t think we deserve it. Or my favorite, “Who Am I to do that?” ⁣

You can overcome these obstacles by working with energy healing tools and tap into your courage to move your forward.

The energy tools that can support you with courage:⁣

Crystal: Bloodstone⁣
Essential Oil: Motivate Essential Oil Blend
Ocean Guides: Sea Turtle + Dolphin⁣

What you will receive:

  • 2 downloadable pdfs: an Energetic Self-Care Guidebook + Action Plan, total of 58+ pages

  • A guided meditation working with Bloodstone

  • A remote healing session

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