Release Overwhelm Instantly

What would your life look like if you could release overwhelm?

The feeling of overwhelm will keep you stuck and spinning your wheels, causing more damage to your health and even your life, until you are able to see it and release it from your physical body.

Overwhelm is an emotional energy.

Did you know that you are absolutely in charge of how you want to feel?

I know what I just said may not make sense to you, but it is true. You are in control of how you want to feel.

For many of us, we have lived with not feeling good, feeling overwhelm for our whole life. We need a way to break the pattern and create a new neural pathways in our body to release this emotion.

It doesn’t need to be a habit in your life. It can be a choice and you don’t need to choose it!

In this guide, I am going to give you 3 powerful energy healing practices to release overwhelm that work! It’s up to you to try it!

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About Stacy Stehle

I am passionate about empowering others in knowing that they are not just physical but also energetic. No matter where you are in your health and your life, you can create change. I have been in the health and wellness field for over 13 years, specializing in energy healing. Working specifically with crystals and essential oils. I am going to help understand yourself even better so that you can create the transformation you desire in your health and your life. I am excited to share this information with you.