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Imagine being able to transform or create any area of your life through a seemingly magical process. Taking care of your whole self: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Empowering your life on a whole new level.

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What is The Holistic Luminary Oil Alchemist Tribe?

Holistic Luminary Tribe is a supportive community of souls who use essential oils as a part of their holistic lifestyle to support their health, well-being and empowerment. As a result, they are living a healthier, happier life.

Transform your health + your life with the power of essential oils


 The Quality of Essential Oils Matter

Essential Oils are natural aromatic compounds that have been extracted & distilled from seeds, flowers, bark, rind and leaves of plants.  Essentially, they are the immune system of the plant.  The aromatic compounds keep the plant healthy and thriving.  

In turn, we can bottle up these compounds and they have the same powerful effect, supporting us physically, mentally, emotionally + even spiritually.    

Lemon diffused can promote a positive mind. 

Lavender has calming and relaxing qualities.

Wild Orange is the oil of abundance. 

Ylang Ylang promotes a positive outlook. 

Cedarwood is very grounding and promotes emotional balance.

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The Holistic Luminary Tribe uses and recommends dōTERRA Essential Oils

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There is no added junk in these essential oil bottles. They are free from pesticides, fillers and fragrance. Pure essential oil that has been rigorous 3rd party testing to make sure they are certified certified pure, therapeutic grade.

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These essential oils that are sourced in their indigenous countries providing the highest quality oil. The plants are able to thrive because they receive exactly what they need, their climate is optimal and they are able to be harvested at peak times. The essential oils I use and recommend are 50-70x's more potent than dried herbs.

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Partnering with farmers + distillers native to these areas where the plants thrive enables you to have a high, quality essential oil is very important. This creates partnership, connection + communities all over the world. People thrive doing what they love, mastering their craft and they are able to bring forth such a potent, quality product.

 We Are Creating Solutions to Support Your Journey

  • Be able to use essential oils effectively and safely

  • Wake up every morning feeling energized and ready to experience your day

  • Let go of your negative voice and embrace your minds ability to empower, uplift and support you

  • Manifest a life that fills you up and you absolutely love

  • Feels energized and healthy in your body

  • Feel grounded and connected in who you truly are

  • Set healthy boundaries for yourself and others

  • Set goals and accomplish them

  • Listen and trust your intuition and use it in everything you do

  • Deepen your knowledge of essential oils to support your physical and energetic body

  • Work with a community of others who support and uplift you

  • Opportunities to create a business to support your freedom lifestyle

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Hi! I’m Stacy!

I have been using holistic and energy healing practices in my life for the last 13 years. It wasn’t until I started working with essential oils that I noticed a huge difference.

I had no idea about them but I knew that I needed something personally to help me with my emotions. I was very holistic and looking for additional holistic tools. I was already working exclusively with crystals.

I also wanted some natural solutions for my family. So I trusted my gut and started using them. I was quite nervous because they completely overwhelmed me at first. Deep down inside I had a belief that smells were bad and synthetic and I veered away from them.

I decided to do more research about oils and understand they are natural compounds of plants. I realized that when I open a bottle, I’m tapping into the essence of the flower or plant or tree. It truly eased my mind. I also felt more comfortable learning more about how the oils were processed and where they came from.

I decided to do more research about oils and understand they are natural compounds of plants. I realized that when I open a bottle, I’m tapping into the essence of the flower or plant or tree. It truly eased my mind. I also felt more comfortable learning more about how the oils were processed and where they came from.

The biggest eye opener for my husband and I was when my son would get ear infections. We had previously gone to the doctor and antibiotics were not working for him. In fact, we dreaded taking him there for the 3rd time. We know how badly antibiotics can affect the body after multiple uses so turned to oils.

So, we decided to try an essential oil. I put some carrier oil, around the outside of his ear, following along the ear canal. Immediately my son found relief. We couldn't believe it. To be quite honest, he never complained about ear infections after that. It helped a lot.

Since then I have researched and used essential oils in my life to support me physical, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I use them with my kids, particularly as medicinal support. I can't tell you how amazing Melaleuca is in healing and supporting the physical body. I am also teaching my kids how to reach for the oils to support their emotions as well.

It has been a blessing having these oils in our lives and I love helping others to understand their power and how they can truly support you right where you are.

Since then, essential oils have been a huge part of our healthcare and daily life.  These are my go to resources to support our bodies, mind, emotions and spirit.  Because of my experience with the essential oils, I love sharing and educating other people on how to use them to create positive changes in their life.

When you set up your account with me and Holistic Luminary, you will receive extensive education and personal support to get you where you want to go.

We offer support, community, education and freedom

 Perks of joining our Holistic Luminary Oil Alchemist Tribe

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✔︎ A 1:1 Welcome Call + Holistic Lifestyle Design Guide

✔︎ Access to our private Holistic Luminary Oil Alchemist Tribe Facebook Group

✔︎ Access to our private Holistic Luminary Tribe Website

✔︎ Access to Business Building Mentoring (optional)

✔︎ Support, education and training on how to use essential oils in your daily life

There is alway more to come! Classes, education + courses!


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