Energy Coaching brings empowerment by overcoming self-sabotaging beliefs and patterns through energy healing tools and practices with one on one support.

My signature coaching program, Energy Empowerment, works specifically with balancing the whole of you: physical, mental, emotional and spiritually. It comprises 5 one-hour themed workshops.


Energy Empowerment

5 - 60 minute Sessions • $580

Each session we will focus on a specific theme:

Energy: Learn how to work with energy and how to feel it. Dive into the 12 chakra system and how to work with it.

Tides: These are your emotions. Understand your ebb + flow and how to support yourself during your low and high tides. Transform challenging experiences and activate self-awareness and self-confidence. Create a daily energetic ritual to feel clear and grounded.

Mindset Magic: Understand perception and how to transform beliefs and stories that are keeping you stuck. Work with an energy practice to pre-pave your experiences. Quiet the mind with self-awareness practice and meditation.

Physical: Body + Environment: Learn how to nourish your body with healing foods. Understand the energy of water and charging it with intention. The importance of movement. Cleansing environment and space.

Intuition: Develop or deepen your connection with your Higher Self, the expanded, multi-dimensional version of you. Learn how to work with your intuitive gifts to support you.

These sessions can be scheduled as once a month or once every two weeks to allow for full integration of material.


Single Energy Coaching Session

60 MINUTES $120 

If you have a particular focus that you need clarity, support and coaching on, this is the session for you. This is a one time session that is packed with information and energy healing tools to support you and your focus.


15 minute Discovery Call

A chat with Stacy to determine how energy coaching can support you and if we are a good fit to work together.