Do you feel like your emotions take over and possibly hold you back from moving forward with making real changes in your health or life?

You find yourself holding back due to lack of confidence. Your experiences dictate what you do and how you feel.

If you could just get past the challenges, believe in yourself and respond to your emotions in a healthy way thing your life would be a whole lot better.

I’m excited to share with you something that I use a lot of in my uplevel work. It is going to make your own transformation so much easier. It is Emotional Aromatherapy.

 Emotional Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils to impact the way you feel, think, react and behave.

Essential oils are aromatic compounds interact with your olfactory (sense of smell) and limbic system (emotions, mood, motivation and memory) in the brain. This allows you to an opportunity to work with those systems to create calmness, relaxation, and support new ways to think, feel and be.

They help you to change the way you react and respond to your life’s experiences.

How to Use the Essential Oils:

  • Aromatically: Open the bottle and smell or put some drops in an oil diffuser. This allows the aromatic compounds to go right to the limbic system of the brain. It also allows for a shift in energy in the room to create a healthy environment.

  • Topically: Apply them to specific areas of your body: energy centers, pulse points, meridian points to stimulate your body and mind.

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 Quality Matters

I’m like a research ninja, for those who don’t know me. If I’m interested in something I dive into it and learn all that I can. About four years ago, I was intuitively guide to learn more about essential oils. I researched the brands and was blown away by one particular company. I absolutely love, trust and only recommend dōTERRA Essential Oils.

This is why:

  • Every plant is picked from their indigenous countries providing the highest quality oil.

  • The plants are able to thrive because they receive exactly what they need, their climate is optimal and they are able to be harvested at peak times.

  • They create partnerships with farmers + distillers native to these areas where the plants thrives. This creates partnership, connection + communities all over the world. People thrive doing what they love, mastering their craft and they are able to bring forth such a potent, quality product.

  • There is no added junk in these essential oil bottles. They are free from pesticides, fillers and fragrance.

  • Every essential oil has been rigorous 3rd party testing to make sure they are certified certified pure, therapeutic grade.

They have created the highest quality of essential oil in the world. They continue to create consistent results. Because of this more researchers and hospitals have partnered with dōTERRA.

  Which essential oils will support me?


Every essential oil has its own unique emotional uses as well as health + lifestyle support. It can be overwhelming because there are just so many oils. I love to get people started in gaining more clarity, confidence and inspiration. There are many options to fit your budget and goals.

Essential oils are going to help you create solutions to support your journey:

  • Wake up every morning feeling energized and ready to experience your day

  • Let go of your negative voice and embrace your minds ability to empower, uplift and support you

  • Manifest a life that fills you up and you absolutely love

  • Feels energized and healthy in your body

  • Feel grounded and connected in who you truly are

  • Set healthy boundaries for yourself and others

  • Set goals and accomplish them

  • Listen and trust your intuition and use it in everything you do