The Importance of Energy Healing

The Importance of Energy Healing

Energy healing by definition restores and brings balance back to the flow of energy in the body. You are more than just your physical body. You are also energy.

Around your body is an energy field. It is linked into with your physical body through your chakras (energy centers), meridian lines (energy tracts) and axiatonal lines (connect to your lightbody). This allows Universal Life Force and your spiritual energy to move through you.

Your energy centers and tracts lead to specific organs within the body. Allowing for flow and functionality with your physical body.

Just think about it. You are a soul within your physical body. Your soul is energy, which is never ending! You can’t hold all of your soulful energy within your physical body but you were able to bring a huge part of it with you. It is your energy field that allows for this connection to the greater part of who you are.

It is important to keep the flow of energy because your physical body is responsive to your energy body. You need both. They work hand in hand.

You can’t make changes or move past challenges just by focusing on the physical self. You need to understand or work with the energetic self too. When you begin to understand and work with energy, things shift and change.

Why energy healing important:

  • It balances your energy field

  • It helps remove energy blocks that keep you stuck

  • It allows you to understand that you are multi-dimensional

  • It releases dis-ease, allowing for more ease and flow within your self and your life

  • It helps you get back into connection with who you are

  • Opens up your intuition

  • Supports the whole of you: mind, emotions, body and spirit

When you look back at history, energy healing and energy healing tools were used for thousands and thousands of years to bring balance back to the mind, body and spirit.

In my opinion, energy healing is what is missing from the medical industry. I think more and more people are realizing that modern medicine is a band-aide to their problem and not a solution. Things aren’t working for them so they are deciding to dive deeper into understanding energy and energy healing.

There are a wide variety of energy healing tools that you can use to understand your energetic side and bring yourself back into balance:

  • Crystals

  • Essential Oils

  • Colors

  • Sound

  • Reiki

I love helping others learn how to work with crystals and essential oils as energy healing tools to support their journey. This is because they work! They are highly effective at restoring and bringing your energy back into balance.

Energy healing is like a tune up for your mind, body and soul.

Release Overwhelm

Release Overwhelm


Stacy Stehle is a Healer + Energy Alchemist.  She empowers others in knowing that they are not just physical but also energetic. No matter where you are in your health and your life, you can create change. She has been in the health and wellness field for over 13 years, specializing in energy healing. Her work supports others to feel and be the best they can be.