How to Create A Spiritual Practice

Creating a spiritual practice

What is a spiritual practice? Essentially, it is about you taking time to develop your connection to your Highest Self. In an effort to understand, integrate and balance the whole of who you are.

You are more than just your physical body. Within your physical body is your life force, your light, your Eternal Self (there are many names that people use to define this part of you). The all that is, the connection to God, Source, etc.

A spiritual practices is tapping into that energy and allowing that energy of you to come through in everything that you do. It becomes a practice because for so long, many of us, may have shut down that spiritual connection to ourselves.

I want to share with you how you can create a spiritual practice that will help you to bring forth your energetic (spiritual) self into your every day life.

This spiritual practice is not about you giving everything up for God, or to anyone else for that matter. It is about you empowering yourself to know that you are God from within.

You have true power from within yourself to create and play in this reality. No one is going to tell you what to do. At least they shouldn’t. You should have the choice to determine your highest interests. Your light is important here and should not be dimmed for anyone.

Why is a spiritual practice important?

  • You are able to know who you are beyond your physical body.

  • Reduce stress and overwhelm

  • Opens the doors for healing and expansion to occur

  • Integrate and live from a space of pure, unconditional love and being able to bring that energy into your life.

  • Feel grounded and fully support in your physical body. Sometimes, as you well know, this world can be a bit harsh. Having this connection to your Highest Self gives you the unconditional love you can’t find outside of yourself.

  • Build trust in your innate abilities that you brought forth in this lifetime, some of them include the inner wisdom of the Clair Senses: Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Claircognizance.

How to create a spiritual practice:

Understand why you want to create a spiritual practice: Too many times, we do things because we are pressured into it. This only causes us to not want to do it. Take some time to really understand why you want to create a spiritual practice and what it will mean for you. This will help you to anchor into your experience and get the most out of it.

Make time to connect: If you don’t make time for things, they never happen. Determine when would be the best time for your spiritual practice and set it in your calendar. I have a practice in the mornings, by making time, I have found that my spiritual practice actually starts to become a part of me through out the day. I am always tuned in and when times get challenging, my practice has allowed me to be grounded and present. With a consistent practice, I find that I respond more than react.

Set your intention: An intention is simply the direction of energy and focus on what you desire to create. Your intention might change every day depending on what you want to focus on. In the beginning, I recommend on focusing on connection from within. Allowing yourself to get quiet and feel into the energy of who you are. Remember, this is just a suggestion. Follow your intuition and always refer back to “why you want to create a spiritual practice”.

Become more aware: Notice how you operate in life. Notice when your body is trying to tell you something. Notice the subtle changes in energy. Notice what you do on a daily basis. By becoming more aware, you open the doors to being guided by your spiritual energy. Giving you an ability to actually show up in your life in a more grounded, fulfilled way. Awareness also sparks change because we realizing how much we maybe holding ourselves back.

Here are a few different spiritual practices you can try or these suggestions to create your own:

Meditation: Meditation is a great way to allow your mind and body to slow down so that you can go inward. For some, this type of practice is very hard because their mind doesn’t have time to slow down. My favorite meditations are with crystals. Just grab one that resonates with you in the moment, and set your intention to connect. Allow yourself to feel the energy of the crystal and bring that energy into your body, creating a space of deep awareness.

Get out in nature: Nature elevates our energy. When you are able to get outside and see the beauty of nature all around you, even if it is a tree or a cloud or even a small flower, that energy of beauty and radiance taps into your energy field. Allowing you to let go, release and tune in. I can’t tell you how many times I have felt stuck with particular situations, and decided to go outside to “clear my head” and I came back with total inspiration that moved me forward.

Pull a daily oracle card or tarot card: I love suggesting this because the cards are a way for our Spirit/Soul to speak to us. Giving us clue, tips and guidance to support us on our journey. As you pull a card for the day, notice what shows up from the card. How does it make you feel? What stands out? Is there anything that it is sharing with you? Write it down, go about your day and at the end of the day, come back to what you wrote down from your card and notice is there are any synchronicities to what you wrote down. This is a great way to help you connect and deeper level with your Higher Self.

Journal writing: Writing can be so powerful to release and tune in. I use a journal in my morning practice to help me pave out the energy that I desire to create. I start with tuning into the things that I am unsure about or maybe having challenges with and then I allow myself to set my intention to tune in and ask for guidance and write down everything that comes to mind. Sometimes I pair this with a daily card. I have gotten some great help this way.

Overall, a spiritual practice allows you to connect with the energetic part of you that is beyond your human body. It is always there never lost but this type of practice allows you to feel connected and supported to use this part of you in your everyday life. There are so many ways to create a spiritual practice that you need to tune into what that means for you and start doing it. What I offer here are simply suggestions to get you started on your own path.

I would love to hear about your spiritual practices or how you plan on creating one! Leave me a comment below!


Stacy Stehle is a Healer + Energy Alchemist.  She supports you with holistic healing and self-care practices that helps you feel grounded, connected and inspired to live a healthy and fulfilled life. Awaken your magic through the alchemy of nature.