6 Crystals to Connect With Your Inner Mermaid

6 Crystals To Connect With Your Inner Mermaid

When I tap into the energy of mermaids I feel depth, grace, beauty, strength, nurturing qualities and love. They are powerful magicians/alchemists working and living in the medium of water. Within us, we can tap into the energy of the mermaid. Water is all about emotions. So the mermaid helps us to dive deep and play with our emotions so that they don’t consume us but help us navigate this realm.

I remember growing up how much I loved being in the water. I would go swimming any chance I got and I never wanted to get out of the water. We would spend the whole day there. I particularly loved swimming beneath the water. Floating in this medium. Imagining a wonderful world down there. The mermaid is an archetype that we can connect to and embody.

The energy of the mermaid is within you and you can work with this energy to help you navigate your human life even better.

As a mermaid, you love the ocean, marine life and you have a deep connection to energy, crystals and intuition. You are empathetic, a leader, have a unique self expression and are multidimensional. You love to play and follow your passion. Sometimes being out of water can be very difficult for you but you are here at this time as a Human.

However, that does not mean that you can't bring back all of who you are and tap into your inner mermaid, in this time and space. You can do this with the help of 6 powerful crystals. Crystals are an amazing tool to help you create energy shift and deepen your connection with who you truly are.

The following 6 Crystals will Connect You With Your Inner Mermaid by:

  • Deepen your communication from within

  • Soothe emotions

  • Sharpen your intuition

  • Release fear and find your magic

  • Balance Your Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine energies

  • Connect deeper with the ocean and awaken your soul essence

  • Uncover your soul's purpose

celestine crystal.jpg


This beautiful sky color crystal helps to quite the mind of worries and chatter. It allows for a deeper communication from within and from your higher states of consciousness.



Just like the ocean soothes and cools emotions, so does this stone. Aquamarine will help you bring your emotions back into a natural balance. It also helps to sharpen your intuition and connection to your higher self.

labradorite crystal.jpg


Labradorite helps to strengthen your aura - clear, balance and protect. It will also help you see and attune to your own magic. Uncover fear for what it truly is so you can move forward with your highest intent.

chrysocolla crystal.jpg


Assists in the balance of the divine masculine + divine feminine within self and for the planet. It brings forth great inner strength, compassion, forgiveness and peace.


Connects to deeper aspects of your inner ocean to uncover your soul essence. It helps us to communicate that essence with others. I have also connected to dolphin energies with this stone, opening up to unconditional love.

larimar crystal.jpg

aqua aura.jpg


This crystal is coated with gold and shares with us that we are all a unique aspect of the whole. Allows one to uncover your soul's purpose, what makes you unique and to share that in a way that contributes to the highest good of all.


Crystal Energy Meditation

To connect with these crystals, I recommend working with in meditation and always keep a log or journal of which crystals you work with and the information that came through.

Here is a meditation that you can do to connect with your crystals:

Cleanse/Clear Your Crystal (if unsure how - click here for the article).

  • Find a nice, quiet place

  • Set your intention to connect with your crystal and ask a question, if you so desire for deeper insight

  • Center yourself

  • Allow your crystal to rest in your hand

  • Close your eyes (if you can) and allow your breathe to guide you to a nice calm state

  • Feel your body getting more and more relaxed

  • Put your attention on your crystal (if you can't close your eye just notice the crystal)

  • Place your crystal on your high heart center (just above the center of your chest)

  • Notice the energy of the crystal

  • Allow yourself to breathe in this energy, fill every inch of your body - from head to toe with this energy

  • If you can't feel the energy of the crystal, allow yourself to breathe in the color

  • As you feel your entire body with this energy/color, notice how you feel

  • Continue to breathe as you embody the essence, energy and vibration of this crystal

  • You are now connecting deeply with your crystal

  • In this state, you are able to understand more of what your crystal has to share with you

  • It is in this space that you can ask your questions, be in the energy and just receive

  • Write your observations on the page below or in your journal

RESOURCE: Click here to download worksheet to log the crystal meditations.

Working with Crystals

I am a big believer that you know more than anyone else. So please follow your own intuition.

If you are unsure where to start, I highly recommend working with one crystals at time, in the order they are given. They each help unlock deeper layers within your mermaid self.

Take time to meditate with each crystal.

Keep a journal of your experiences as you work with these crystals and energies, by using the worksheet above.

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Stacy Stehle is a Healer + Energy Alchemist. She empowers others in knowing that they are not just physical but also energetic. No matter where you are in your health and your life, you can create change. She has been in the health and wellness field for over 13 years, specializing in energy healing. Her work supports others to feel and be the best they can be.