3 Success Strategies To Stay Centered In The Midst Of Chaos

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You want to do more, give more & be more. It is in your blood. Because of this, you have become an expert at multitasking.

However, at times you realize that you are being pulled in too many different directions.

Work, projects, partnerships, meal planning, running errands, coordinating events, cleaning and of course, taking care of the kids or other humans.

Do you every feel like things are just about ready to get chaotic? You know that chaos is not possible, it is not in your schedule. So what are you do to?

I want to share share with you 3 Success Strategies that you can use to stay centered in the midst of chaos.


Success Strategy #1: Shield yourself

This is such a great energetic tool that you can use anywhere and at any time. Energy works off the power of intention. State your intention to shield yourself and remove any unwanted energies. You can also imagine, in your mind’s eye, a bubble of golden light surrounding you. Take a deep breathe in and as you exhale, imagine all negative energies leaving your shield.

Success Strategy # 2: Create a crystal grid in your work space or home

Crystals are amazing at transmuting negative energy into positive. This is a great way to create a consistent energy in your work space or home. One that is relaxing, calm & peaceful, no matter what is happening around you. Use your intuition when choosing your crystals. You will need 4 of them. One for each corner of the room. I recommend selenite or amethyst. Cleanse your crystals before hand. Place one in each corner of the room, holding the intention to create a relaxing, calm environment. Then activate your grid with a single terminated clear quartz crystal or your finger, linking the crystals together.

Success Strategy #3: Conscious Breathing with an Essential Oil

Being in chaos, no matter what it looks like, will only keep you spinning your wheels. And your breathing becomes affected. It may be infrequent and even shallow. Your breath connects you to your life force, keeping your body alive and functioning. Essential oils support your emotional state. Being able to stop what you are doing and take in a few deep breaths of an essential oil in will help you immensely.


These success strategies are able to help you work on your energy and the energy of your environment. Overtime, creating space that is grounded, protected and calming. Allowing you can get back to a more centered and relaxed state.

Being centered allows you to be present, enabling the ability make a decision that is in your best interested and the best interested of others. You will be able to move forward in a positive way and see what is going on around you in a new light because you are not being impacted by it.


Stacy Stehle is a Healer + Energy Alchemist.  She supports you with holistic healing and self-care practices that helps you feel grounded, connected and inspired to live a healthy and fulfilled life. Awaken your magic through the alchemy of nature.