You can create change in your life at any time...⁣
It been a while. Things have shifted an I wanted to say hi to you all!⁣
I'm Stacy, healer + energy alchemist. ⁣
I am passionate about empowering others in knowing that they are not just physical but energetic. ⁣
No matter where you are in your health and your life, you can create change. ⁣
I have been in the health and wellness field for over 13 years, specializing in energy healing.  Working specifically with crystals and essential oils. ⁣
I am going to help understand yourself even better so that you can create the transformation you desire in your health and your life. ⁣
I am also the creator of Holistic Luminary Tribe.  A Holistic Luminary is someone who desires to take care of their whole self; empowering their life and inspiring others.⁣
I love working specifically with crystals and essential oils?  Why?  Because they are energetic vibrational tools that actually work to support you: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.⁣
Every week I host Wellness Wednesdays, in my private FB group.  You can join us, ask questions and get support.  It’s kind of like a mini wellness consultation.  It’s up to you what you choose to do but my guidance is energy related!⁣ If your interested, let me know below and I'll send you the link.
I’m glad you're here.  I look forward to connecting with you!⁣
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Hello there!

I’m Stacy Stehle, Energy Healer.

I am passionate about empowering ambitious women to transform their health + life so they feel healthier + happier, living a life they truly love.

I share holistic tools + spiritual practices that allow others to understand their physical + energetic nature. It is an inner approach to an external transformation. My work guides others in realizing their own power and choosing to take back ownership over their life so they can reach the success they so desire.

I have lived my life by following her heart and doing what I love. I was a former co-pilot on a passenger submarine, scientific aquarist and marine mammal trainer who had enough of the industry and desired something more for myself. I dove into health + wellness, healing and spirituality and my whole world expanded.


This allowed me to tap into my natural healing abilities and talents by working with crystals, essential oils and oracle cards.  It turns out, that I have always had a clear connection with my Higher Self and use this connection to help create in this reality.

My life is beyond ordinary.  In fact, I stretch the boundaries and ideals of this reality.  I am very happily married and has two beautiful children, whom we homeschools/un-school. Allowing them the opportunity to learn by way of what they are interested in and what lights them up.  

I am also the creator of Holistic Luminary Oil Tribe. An essential oil wellness community of souls who desire to take care of their whole self; empowering their life and inspiring others.

Overall, I have lead a profound life of following my dreams and living outside of the box. I absolutely love supporting others to do the same by realizing their power and stepping into it to and go beyond where they currently are.

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  • Certified Empowered Spiritual Life Coach

  • Essential Oil Wellness Advocate

  • Certified Wellness Coach

  • Nervous System Trauma Education Training

  • Certified Lunar Mystic

  • Certified Crystal Reiki Master

  • Ethereal Crystal Healing Master

  • Certified Alaya Crystal Healing Course

  • Isis-Sirius Alchemy Healing

  • Living Your Star Light Healing Course

  • BA in Marine Science